Rome, Madrid, Iraq, New York

Zeldman is the site i go to for all kinds of technical references regarding website design. Occasionally he would write a piece on things other than technology, and those pieces, almost always move me to tears.

Rome, Madrid, Iraq, New York is such a piece. It makes me laugh at first.

…in the fantastical city of Rome ¡ª a town filled with so many naked statues, a thousand John Ashcrofts could not cover them all.

Then it gets sad when the topic turns to Madrid on March 11th. At the end it makes me angry with this newsline:

Right now we know that a leading Pakistani scientist has sold nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, to Iran, and quite possibly to members of Al Qaeda. But instead of finding out who bought what weapons and where they are now, my country¡¯s leaders are looking the other way. In return, Pakistan has agreed to help the U.S. find bin Laden before the U.S. presidential election in November. (The deal has been reported by the International Herald Tribune, The Economist, and the BBC. You might even find mention of it in an American newspaper.)

Enough said. How does GWB achive the peace of mind in the dead of the night? It is beyond me…