NYT on Netflix

From today’s NYT, WILLIAM GRIMES did an informative piece on Netflix. Living Room Film Club, a Click Away. In addition to introducing the DVD rental service, Grimes also evaluted its customer service, analysed its competitions, spelled out its weakness and numerated special affects the service has on viewers, “The flat-fee system elicits two responses: more frequent renting, and more adventurous renting.” And even some funny blurbs about how his wife and him are fighting over the control of Netflix queue¬£¬¨

…At the moment, a domestic battle rages for control of the Netflix queue, which can be revised and reshuffled at any time. It is disputed territory….

We each judge the other’s selections harshly. I scored a major victory with “Mon Oncle” by Jacques Tati, a director I once dismissed as tedious, annoying and far too French. He is now a god in our house. But I have had my back against the wall after “L’Atalante,” a film I had never seen but knew to be, by expert consensus, a towering masterpiece. Less than 10 minutes after the opening credits rolled, the atmosphere in the living room grew frosty. I lost control of the mouse for a week.