Scary White Sofa

As if there are not enough of them already on craigslist, we finally decided to purchase our very own IKEA sofa-bed (I knew Edward Norton had something really funny to say about IKEA furnitures, I just can¡¯t remember the exact line¡­). Originally I was going to chose the beige/light brown slip cover. Mi objected because when he was in China, his CCP’s office had one just like it. Same color, same style. And I just thought the color would go well with our wall! Looking at the alternatives, I discovered that the beige/light brown colored slip cover was actually the most expensive, almost 3 times as expensive as the cheapest kind, which happened to be…WHITE!

SO white is easier to get dirty… but i figured with the same amount of money, i could get three sets of slip cover instead of one. With Mi’s approval, I placed the order and arranged home delivery.

The day when our sofa bed arrived, Mi called me from home. “Our sofa looks scarily clean! I dared not to sit on it.” When I got home, I understood what he meant.

It has been three days since we got the sofa, in the evenings, we still sat in the opposite chairs and admiring our white sofa. I¡¯m not sure what to do now. To buy a throw and some pillow? A blanket to cover it up? Or just go and exchange for a different colored slip-cover?