“House of the Dragon” and “Fire and Blood”

Watched “house of the Dragon” season one recently. Surprisingly good. I binged the whole season within days. Desperately wanting to know “What happened next?” I went on to read Fire and Blood. Initially i jumped to the middle of the book since that’s where the TV series started. But after reading through tragedy after tragedy torn through Rhaenyra Targaryen’s life, I couldn’t bare it anymore. Went back to the beginning of the book, thinking if i’m not as invested in the earlier Targaryens maybe the tragedy won’t hit me as hard. But slowly i grew attached to Jaehaerys I Targaryen and Alysanne. Their long reign gave me hope that things may not be so bad, but then again I was wrong. Now I’m once again pulled myself away from the book couldn’t bare the upcoming tragedy series that would surely descend upon Princeess Rhaenyra’s Great Grand Parents.

Why did George R. R. Martin took time off finishing A Game of Thrones for such a dark history? Could it be the reason GRRM couldn’t bring himself to finish Winds of Winter is the same one that prevented me from finish listening his Fire and Blood? That there seems no hope in this story, no matter where you look, how you look, it is doomed to a fantastic bad ending?

Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Afterall, this is an author who gave us the Red Wedding. Yet, I still remember at the beginning of A Game of Thrones, it gave me so much wonderment and joy.

Reading GRRM’s “Not a blog” doesn’t help either. The real world of today seems just as gloom.

Maybe my expectation is tinted by Attach on Titan series. It is also a dark story and seemed hopeless almost all the way through the end. But the author managed to gave us a little bit of hope. I hope GRRM would be able to find his light again.