What’s a Melting Pot?

Late yesterday afternoon, there was a fire broke out in a neighboring building of our apartment in SF. Mi took advantage of the ideal overlook from the fire escape outside of our balcony, shoot a roll of film of the firefighting scene. ¡°There were eight fire trucks total.¡± He told me excitedly. ¡°The firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof to stop the fire from spreading. Even a news van was here!¡±

Later that night he mentioned a few other observations, ¡°Interesting, firefighters here are from all races. There were black, Asian, and even a few women!¡± He sounded incredulous, ¡°In New York, all fire fighters were white male.¡± He thought for a while and continued, ¡°even the mail man I met on the street today was also Asian.¡±

Looking through his eyes, I once again reminded why I love this city so much. When I was working out of town, I was constantly reminded of SF Bay Area¡¯s diversity, and constanly homesick. Not just in the colorful crowd walking on the streets, but also in the boardroom, on business cards that hold the title of C-level officer.

There is diversity, and then there is diversity. Everyone who has been to London or Paris or New York would agree those were metropolitan cities. One could see people from all races, all cultures on the street. But my British travel mate in Ecuador told me that the only Chinese she has ever met in London was in Chinese restaurants, never as a professional at work. In New York, Mi had pointed out to me that all the diners were run by Greek, all the coffee/pastry stands were by Pakistani, and all garbage collectors were Italian, etc. etc. etc.

I¡¯m sure there are other cities are as diverse and provide just as equal opportunity of employment to all races, but I¡¯m also sure San Francisco has the best weather among them. :p

2 thoughts on “What’s a Melting Pot?

  1. I feel obligated to point out that Toronto is just as diverse, if not more. In Canada, they like to use the word “multi-culture” as opposed to “melting pot”. However, the weather there is miserable, unless you’re a true fan of winter.

    Jean’s Reply:
    yeah, that was exactly what i was thinking when i added in the last line. Seattle is probably similarly diverse.

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