“What? Morals in ‘South Park’?”

Cartman¡°South Park¡± was introduced to me at the same time as skiing. I fell in love with both, for very different reasons, obviously.

On each Saturday evening during the ski season, after a full day of hard work on the slope, after a full pot of pasta and enough red white that had been consumed by our ski cabin residents, we sat around the toasty living room, beers in hand, and watched ¡°South Park¡±. Every new comer, me included, was shocked at first and then fell in love. Shocked by the daring dialog, which sometimes was so filled with profanity, the entire sentence was replaced by non-stop ¡°blip-blip¡±; shocked by the directness of the dialog content. Fell in love because of its frank and open attack at any American hypocrisy. It was a lovely show, really.

It has been ages since I watched an episode of ¡°South Park¡±. It is wonderful to know that it is still running and continues coming up with fresh materials.

From today¡¯s NYT: What? Morals in ‘South Park’?, By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN.

In a March episode a movie called “The Passion” wins over Eric Cartman, the fat one, who was himself crucified in 1999 in South Park’s own prescient passion play. After watching the film, Cartman drones on and on about the glory of his longtime hero Mel Gibson, the movie’s director, until his pal Kyle Broflovski consents to see it. Shaken by its depiction of torture, Kyle comes to agree with the film’s implication that Jews bear responsibility for the death of Jesus.

Kyle then agitates at his synagogue: he wants to hear an apology. The congregants rebel. Meanwhile Cartman organizes a rally and tries to initiate genocide. Holy war comes to South Park. In a related subplot a demented and armed Mel Gibson flounces around in underwear as he did in “Lethal Weapon.” Andrew Sullivan, the conservative online pundit, called that scene “one of the more sublime sights of the year.”

…But the real strength of “South Park” is that it flatters freethinkers by mocking Christians and Jews, including Jesus himself (a resident), along with the stand-out holy figures Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna and Laotzu. (They form a clique called Super Best Friends.)

KyleIt will go on hiatus until October after tonight¡¯s episode. So go and watch it. Tonight¡¯s episode is apparently about ¡°aliens who take the jobs of American citizens¡±. Can¡¯t miss that, can we? 🙂