“Towards ‘kasozi ka mpala¡®

It has been quite a while since Unganisha.org had an new entry. Today it showed up bold faced in my rss reader with this lovely article: Towards ‘kasozi ka mpala. It makes me want to travel again. To far and away places. To meet strangers, to taste strange food, to feel the wind on my face, together with the dust and fatique and heat… Africa, the continent that I have never been to physically but fell in love with so many times in fictions and movies.

Borders are strange — random lines on a map that can divide countries, cultures and languages. At sunrise, we are driving through rural Uganda and it feels strikingly different. While the roads on the Kenyan side made my teeth rattle ¨C the straight and level highway on the Ugandan side made the bus ride almost pleasant — ¡°Made by Israelites¡­!¡± ¨C the Ugandan lady on the adjacent seat informs me.

Breakfast is served — a skewered chicken heavily salted and roasted by the wayside.
I decline the offer of matoke ¨C mashed bananas that are probably Uganda¡¯s national dish.