Reading Time…

I wish there was a season when no one will have internet access at home. Kind of like how i imagining “Monsoon Season” to be like, when people were all trapped in their houses by the rain. So there was nothing to do but read.

Currently on my nightstand, there are two wonderful books and two most recent issues of New Yorker magazines waiting to be read. God knows how i want to read them but there never seems to be any time! 🙁

Therefore, I have to make some time and put web-surfing curfew in place.

That said, here are two new websites I just discovered, one, Cynical Rantings, has good writing and another, Pages of Pages, is simply filled with book reviews. Best of all, the author’s reading taste seems to be very similar to mine! Her ( i think it is a her) most recent entry is about no other than the book sitting on my nightstand: The Name Sake.

Right now I’m reading The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri. It (like the movie Monsoon Wedding) makes me wish I was Indian. But alas, I am not. So I have to settle for buying naan at the grocery store and occasionally watching some Bollywood with Scott Fosdick. (Not that I really do that so much anymore, but you know.)

Anyway. If you’ve never read anything by Jhumpa Lahiri, you’re missing out. She’s fabulous. She also has a short-story collection called Interpreter of Maladies that is pretty awesome.

I agree with her one hundred percent! Jhumpa (how do you pronounce that exactly?) Lahiri is fabulous!. So was Interpreter of Maladies.