is Back!

I¡¯m so happy.
She went on a hiatus last Oct. After going back and check for her regularly for three or four months (I didn¡¯t find her rss then), and seeing the same last brief entry, I gave up looking.

Tonight I discovered that she has come back starting Feburary¡¯04! Hallelujah!

I just spent better part of the evening catching up on her writing for the past three months. Followed (Tried to follow is a more accurate phrase) her through some language lessons in obscure languages in the Slavic area, enjoyed some mystical stories she translated from lesser known languages, and was delighted in some of her everyday observations. She is learning Czech right now.

Her site was redesigned (twice! And I missed the first one). Beautiful as ever. Interesting enough that she switched from MovableType to WordPress. Hmm¡­ I wonder if I should follow suit. Php does sound more interesting than perl. And the prospect of not having to do the stupid ¡°build¡± each time sounds wonderful, too. Maybe when I have more time.

A few new entries that I really enjoyed from

1.¡°The world around me..¡± – with beautiful folk art from a people called Inuit.

2.Omorzhilsya – Interesting language lesson on Russian, plus an interesting folklore called, oddly, ¡®Woman gives birth to a whale¡¯.

3. Making of Sharona¡¯s Journal – with beautiful illustrations! I’m envious of Sharona to no-end.

And here is my old blog entry that introduced glosses: wintu

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