The Triplets of Belleville

Watched The Triplets of Belleville at Gui’s last night. It is an interesting little film. I liked its twisty and bizarre plot, and wacky characterization of its actors. The film was in a nostalgia brownish hue, beautifully drawn. It is amazing how it kept me engaged for over an hour without any dialogues. I started to understand how silent movies still command a following to this day.

As Matthew kept pointed out, the dog totally reminded me of our Nappy. Even though they don’t look alike, they have almost identical wacky little habbits. Loved the dog’s dream! ha!

I was able to have a peek at the ¡°making of¡± section before I took off for home. The designers claimed that the city of ¡°Belleville¡± was an imagined city that combined Paris, Montreal, and New York. The funny part was no one would doubt it was a parody of New York, except the hilly streets, which reminded us of San Francisco. I could see a little bit of Paris after they said so. But can¡¯t really see any trace of Montreal. Sorry, Canadians. 🙂

Oh, and frogs shall never look the same to me ever again…