Beautiful City by the Bay, in May

Recently I seem to be spending a lot more energy in my Chinese weblogs. Quite a few local interests spots were introduced to my Chinese audiences instead of my English ones. Sorry.

Writing in English still requires an effort. I tried my best at commenting in the gallery pages of each of our outings. But i understood the value of documenting them in an article instead of fragmental remarks beneath a thumbnail.

I will try to do better in the future, i promise i will. 🙂

Summer is coming to this lovely city by the bay. I’m expecting more pictures and more events in the upcoming months. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are the some outings and interesting local spots documented in pictures, which have been known to be worth thousands of words. 🙂

1. Sonoma and Jack London State Park, May 1, 2004
2. Bay to Breakers Race, May 16, 2004
3. Dali Exhibit, & Pizzetta 211(23rd Ave. & California) , May 23, 2004