Another Marvelous 10@10 from KFOG

Here is another clever snippet from this morning¡¯s KFOG 10@10 radio documentary/music program.

Amidst some background music, we started hearing Reagan talking. It was the most unbelievable smooth political spin I¡¯ve ever heard. I had not idea how he pulled it off right in front my ¡°ears¡±. He started by saying he didn¡¯t sell weapon to trade American hostages with Iran. Then he proceed to say but all evidence indicated that weapon was traded for hostage, and finally he sounded so very righteous and disgusted by saying it was against his principle and American¡¯s principle. He proceeded to condemn it a shame that had happened. Throughout the speech he never admitted his wrong doing, for all I know, he could be condemning some other government¡¯s guilt. A masterpiece, indeed! It should be a mandatory study material for all politicians in their public speech class.

Immediately following this speech, the music started playing. It was no other than …

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
(Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
Oh, no, no you can’t disguise
(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

…Yes! Fleetwood Mac¡¯s Little Lies.!

What a wonderful program! I suspected the DJ had a thing for the 80¡¯s. Everytime the 10@10 settled on the Reagan era, I was sure to be treated to a lovely time of historical documentary presented with style and wit.

Thanks! 🙂