Cool Citrus Basil

I fell in love with taking bath recently, and realized there was an entire branch of commercial world just opened up to me. So many more ways to contribute to the consumer culture, yippee! I¡¯m a patriotic shopper. Ha. I knew the existence of bubble bath thanks to TV and movies. But I never really knew where the bubble came from. When I was faced with shelf after shelf of exotic names such as bath salt, bath oil, bath heaven on earth, etc. etc., I was so very confused. Don’t they all make bubbles? Do they just come in different forms? Later Gui told me there was also a ¡°powdery¡± snowball that one could get from Body Shop, supposedly once dropped in bath water, it would go swirling around like a crazy bunny.

After some experiment, I¡¯ve settled on bubble bath series from Bath and Body Works. Favorite fragrance: Mango Mandarin. Here comes the best part: Bath & Body Works is now having its Semi-Annual Sale!

Here are the ¡°favorite¡± fragrances that are on-sale now:
Gardenia Lily
White Tea & Ginger
Rice Flower & Shea
Night Blooming Jasmine
Country Apple

Here are the ¡°discontinued¡± fragrances that are on-sale:
Red Currant Tea
White Giner & Amber
Cool Citrus Basil
Green Clover & Aloe
Green Tea & Cucumber
Rich Citrus Cream

I picked up Plumeria($5), Cool Citrus Basil($4), and Green Tea & Cucumber($4) today. I¡¯m debating whether to go back for more. I¡¯m eyeing Red Currant Rea and Rice Flower & Shea. Typing these names made me hungry. Wouldn¡¯t it be nice to have a job like that, to come up with names for fragrance? In one of Atwood¡¯s novels, there was a woman historian who suggested to her high level executive friend at a cosmetic company to come up with a series of fragrance that named after rivers, not just any river, but rivers featured in all the major historical battles in human history. Those exotic names fascinated me. Of course I don¡¯t remember any now. And of course it would¡¯ve been a disastrous marketing idea. But what an idea!