I, Claudius (Cont’d)

I, Claudius is coming to its second to last tape (out of 12 total). My head swirls in the treachery and endless violence being paraded on that stage of early Roman Empire. How marvelous that royal court¡¯s limitless ability of degeneration applies equally in the west as in the east. The absolute corruption of power and people¡¯s thirst for them are so very similar, regardless of origin, race, and culture.

The sounds of these names dancing in my head like proud pets of their famous or infamous masters: Livia, Tiberius, Augustus, Sejanus, Agrippina, Caligula, Germanicus, etc. etc. .It is not hard to imagine shadowy swords from thin air, and everyone could be in the midst of a thickening plot of a sort. Modern life is so innocent under comparison. I wonder if that is an improvement? I shall rephrase, modern life in the States is so innocent under comparison. I think life in China has more resemblance of ancient Roman days. Maybe it had less to do with being modern or ancient, but more to do with the length of the country¡¯s history?