Mom’s Garden

People usually associate blooming plants with spring. In mom¡¯s backyard, however, fall seems to be just as festive-looking. I¡¯m always startled by how healthy and happy mom¡¯s plants look whenever I visit home. Since Mi and I are going on a trip soon, I have planned to move some more demanding plants home for the duration of our trip. I¡¯m sure the plants would be happy for the change. It was almost like they are going on an extended spa treatment or something. Ha.

The night-blooming cereus has been with us since 1998(approx.). It started blooming in 2000 and each year it has more and more flowers blooming simultaneously. This year, mom has seen two rounds of cereus bloom earlier in the summer. Now there are ten bulbs growing at the same pace, like soldiers following marching order. It was a very social flower; they prefer to bloom in a group. I wonder which night this group of ten will pick to debut their heavenly fragrance. Sometime in September, mom is guessing.

Each year, mom introduces some new plants to me. This year, the star is Cestrum nocturnum. It started blooming earlier in the spring. By mid summer, it was laden with delicate white flowers. When the evening settled in the yard, the entire garden was perfumed with its luxury fragrance. It is a typical Southern China plant. The fragrance made mom nostalgia. A small piece of Chinese night quietly blooms in our American suburbia backyard¡­


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