After 9/11, it is the saddest day I¡¯ve experienced. The cycle of emotion whirl wind was very similar. It started with disbelief, denial, anger, sadness, and cynicism. It seemed to me that 51% of the American voters might as well be coming from Mars.

I don¡¯t understand how people could vote for an administration after the past four years of devastation. Didn¡¯t people see that they were the ones to be exploited, and they had the most to lose from the very administration that they were electing? How could people be so blind? Just because of religious fever? If so, how is it different from suicide bombers following the order of bin Ladin? Why is one form of fundamentalism better than the other?

If majority of humanity is so easily fooled and so thoughtless, what is the merit of democracy? If in a mature democratic society with healthy juridical system such as the US, the majority could make such a stupid choice; what is the hope for the Middle East? For Afghanistan?

Time to study Nietzsche, maybe?

2 thoughts on “11/3

  1. Well, as soon as I read this, I remember one email of a colleague:
    To all of you feeling down:

    ‘Well listening to everybody today in the chat room it seems that there is a lot of unhappy people in Group1 today. So cheer up and watch some kitties hugging. (attached a big kitty hugging pic)

    Smile and enjoy your day. Even though Bush won it’s not the end of the world.’

    🙂 //pet //pet
    Em, of course we are unhappy not for the political things. We are unhappy for some hard task and refuse to do it… :p
    Anyway it is a good email. Same to you.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Thank you, LK! I, together with many others around me, are still quite pissed off. I don’t know how the emotion will eventually calm down. I know it would. But i’m not sure i can stop being cynical, though. 🙁
  2. Well, cynical is not bad somehow. It doesn’t matter whether cynical or not. Why should everyone be calm?
    See, the Great Lu Xu is famous for cynical… Haha!

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