The Perfect Christmas Present

Today¡¯s Freshair was rerun of interviews with Warner Brother¡¯s Cartoon people, in time for the newly released The Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD set. As I was listening to the story of the birth of various famous cartoon characters: Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, I had my first light-hearted laugh since election night.

It felt good. To be able to laugh again. Then I had an idea.

What if someone made a stuffed Monkey, named it ¡°Dubya¡±?

Imagine the market for it. 56 million that vote against him would buy it. Majority of the 59 million of dumb a__ didn¡¯t know any better would probably buy it. The rest of the world would, too!

Gui thought of a advertisement slogan already, ¡°Give it to your dogs¡­.¡± I myself would buy half a dozen for Nappy and Anita. Ah, imagine the satisfaction to watch its instant destruction under Nappy¡¯s jaw. 🙂

Since so many people are deeply depressed, this stuff monkey would be a perfect stress-release toy. Don¡¯t you think?

Anyone knows any Toy-makers? If we hurry, it can reach the market in time for Christmas!

Jingle Bells, Jingle bells¡­

One thought on “The Perfect Christmas Present

  1. Haha, good idea!
    Just reminder, Toys frequently ‘made in China’

    Jean’s Reply:
    🙂 I Know! For a while, i was seriously considering making this monkey in China and sell it in the US. But very soon, i realized that in order to do that, i had to work with Wal-Mart and the like, which represents the very people and principle I’m against. I found myself can’t really “get in bed with the enemy”. [sign] i’m not a republican, and i probably never will be. Maybe it is in the genes?

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