Fall Color Comes to Napa

I was expecting a desolate Napa valley in winter. Instead, I was treated to a feast of fall color: dark red, golden brown, and all kinds of shades in between. Not to mention the gorgeous sunlight with a quality of a light fruity white wine, airy, high, and bright. I was drunk before I even started wine tasting!
Chandon_calalilyV_Sattui_Pumpkin_CartV_Sattui_Oak_Barrels Coppola_ivyJeanOlive_Trees

More Photos of Napa from this weekend…

One thought on “Fall Color Comes to Napa

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jean!

    Strongly recommend you to watch ” finding neverland”. I just watched it this afternoon and it was a great movie.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Thank you, JoyMocha! Hope you had a wonderful turkey day as well. And thank you for the movie recommandation. I will definitely check it out. A little overwhelmed with all the new movie release, Alexander, Ray, Kinsey, and now Finding NeverLand. 🙂 Oh, the Joy!

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