Closer-Good; Alexander-Bad

The synopsis of Closer made me think of a romantic comedy. Lighthearted, and minimum thinking required. Like Something About Marry, or My Best Friend¡¯s Wedding. So I wasn¡¯t enthusiastic about it. But all the raving reviews changed my mind. Even NPR was recommending it, maybe it was worth a look before it leaves the theatre.

I wasn¡¯t disappointed.

Not sure if it was because the backdrop was London instead of New York City, the entire movie¡¯s tone gave out a feeling of wear and tear, as if a half torn poster struggling to stay on the stone wall of a small but ancient alley way.

The edit of the movie kept me constantly on my toes. The scene changed, different environment, but the same characters as in the previous scene. I would think it was the following day, or maybe even the evening of the same day. A few dialogs exchanged between the characters, then suddenly someone let on that a few months and sometimes a year had passed! Simultaneously, I needed to readjust my frame of mind, to replay the beginning of the scene in my head with the adjusted timeline, and to keep an eye on the progress on the current scene. Whew!

Thinking back, I wonder if this potential of misleading audience was intended by the director. In relationship, how many of us can be sure of what we perceived to be real? How often did I only see what I expected to see? How often did I had to go back and ¡°replay¡± the real life with a different frame of mind in order to understand how I arrived at where I was?

Characters were well-developed and multi-faceted. Dialogue well-written. Scenes carefully crafted. Acting superb and subtle. Plot development even-tempered but full of surprises. A good movie indeed.

The story itself remained with me. Four people, two couples, and intertwined relationships. Everyone called upon love readily, to excuse, to justify, to claim, to discard, to comfort, to doubt. I liked it that the movie didn¡¯t try to lecture, nor did it pass out judgment.

What is love, really? Who could be the judge? Aren¡¯t we all on our own when it comes to love? How many shades do love possess? Who can know?

Alexander the Great
Pure garbage.
Not sure why movie reviewers had been so reluctant to pass out the ¡°F¡± grade. It is not just Oliver Stone¡¯s worst movie, it is not just because Colin Farrell is a weak actor, it is not because it focused on Alexander¡¯s bi-sexuality, it is because all of the above and many more. It is a a lousy movie, period. Its being Stone’s baby just proved that a movie maker genius could make garbage. And Colin Farrell wasn¡¯t much worse than the others.

The movie is not even entertaining. It is boring and lacks substances. I had no idea what Stone was trying to say. It might just be he had nothing to say. What a waste!