Holiday in the Office

One distinctive indicator of the approaching holidays is the carelessness mood in the office. No one feels like working, people come in late and leave early. Bosses become more tolerant and understanding during meetings, not to make them go on too long, knowing that no one is really 100% there; and not to expect much get done before the end of the year.

It is a humanistic point of view. It makes one feel warm and fuzzy, because it is one time in the year that one can feel justified to be a slacker.

Tolerating other¡¯s weakness is a virtue, isn¡¯t it? It makes us feel good about ourselves, too. Maybe cause at the same time, our shortcomings are equally forgiven.

As programmers, we came in this Monday to a lovely present. For the entire engineering department, everyone¡¯s old clunky CRT monitor was replaced by a spanking new 19¡± flat panel LCD.

I can now increase the resolution to 1280 by 1024 pixels, and increase my editor¡¯s size, and my screen real estate almost doubled. I could fit in almost twice as many lines of code at one go. Lovely!

All day long, the office gossips were sprinkled with talks revolved around our new monitors, how to collaborate, how to enhance the viewing pleasure, what are all the new tricks these monitors can do. For example, apparently we could turn the monitor 90 degrees and make the screen dimension resembles more to a notebook with shorter width and longer height! How revolutionary!