Addicted to Internet

The other day when Gui and M were visiting, she saw I was fumbling on my laptop in the living room while Mi was in front of his eMac in the study, Gui said, ¡°Internet has became such an integral part of our lives¡­¡± I nodded, ¡°Yes. It is like electricity. We would feel so lost without it.¡±

That is reflected in movies as well. Instead of making a big deal out of it and centering an entire movie around internet, e.g. ¡°You Got Mail.¡±, it is now becoming one of the actors on set, almost. Like in Closer and Something¡¯s Gotta Give.

We chat with friends from thousands of miles away, we browse total strangers¡¯ weblog daily to find out what they ate for breakfast, we combat in a game world on-line with comrades that we had never met, we trade and we shop. We share our own experiences, and we are entertained by others.

I love the emoticon (emotion icon?) used for chat programs. My friend J told me that she noticed that she started to pick up behaviors from her yahoo emoticon. For example, there is a [rolling on the ground laughing] emoticon that we both love to use, she says now that sometimes when she hears something really funny she has the impulse to roll on the ground, while she had never done that in her life! There is another one [wow], J says now that when she is surprised, she has the tendency to shape her mouth in the O shape.

There is also the avatar that yahoo put out, where one can dress up a little cartoon character with different sweater, hat, hairstyle, pets, and backgrounds. It gave us a delight almost as enjoyable as real window shopping. 🙂

It has been ages since I last read an old-fashioned book with prints on paper, or wrote a journal entry on my diary lying quietly in the drawer of my nightstand. They would have to wait for next time that we, god forbid, lost our DSL.

## (5:53:00 PM): my friend wrote a poem
## (5:53:07 PM): So much snow, Nowhere to go, Waiting for the road, Spirit low!
## (5:53:09 PM): – Ralph Waldo Emerson (if he were a skiier)

One thought on “Addicted to Internet

  1. Reminds me of a couple of things.

    Here’s an article about how cell phone usage has changed the way people use their thumbs.

    I remember when living with my parents what an education it was when our television was at the repair shop for a week. The pace of life and my outlook on things at home changed. I read more and thought more.

    One of my reading assignments in high school was this short story written in 1909. I don’t advocate getting rid of technology but it’s fun to sit back and ask what we really get of various technologies and what the technology gets out of us 🙂

    The internet and web seem to be more likely to fulfill some of the hopes that people had for television.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Ha, the thumb story is pretty funny.
    Personally, i think technology provides the easiest accessed entertainment at the lowest labor cost on us. So at the end, it is our laziness and our desire to be constantly entertained drive the progress of technology. :p

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