Miltonia Blooms

Bought this Miltonia from our local farmer’s market last Summer. We were blessed with its fragrant bloom for almost two months. After the flowers wilted, i moved it from the study to our bathroom. The tiny new bulb immediately started showing rapid sign of growth. After we came back from Turkey in October, I noticed a tiny light green flower stem started poking its way out of new leaves. Slowly, the fragile looking flower buds started to transform from three tiny exclamation marks to rain drops, to small painting brush heads. The stem grew longer and stronger, the flower buds grew fat. Starting from the week before last, I started noticing the velvety color sipping through its light green wraps of the flower buds.

When the rain finally stopped, this orchid looks happier and happier, bathed in morning sunshine filtered through our bathroom window. Starting from last Monday, unable to resist its beauty and vibrant energy, I started taking one picture a day of it before I went to work. Surprisingly, it turned from tight flower buds to full blooms within a week!

But it wasn¡¯t fragrant at the beginning. I was getting worried. Mom told me that it seems to start smell nice after a couple of days of bloom. Sure enough, there is a strong scent coming out starting from the third day after it bloomed. Lovely!