“What Liberal Media?”

I remembered hearing the interview on Freshair when Terry interviewed Journalist Eric Alterman, the author of the book What Liberal Media? The Truth about Bias and the News. The interview itself was informative and entertaining, but the title of the book left a far stronger impression in my mind.

I finished watching season four of Sex and the City yesterday. The fact that they made Miranda to have her baby is a true testimony to Eric Alterman’s theory, the Conservatives have taken over the mass media. Or shall we say the current administration has exerted its power to the heart of the supposedly Democratic dominated New York City?

An in-demand young partner at a law firm, with a strong personality, fiercely independent and witty single woman, with all that in her hand, the producer wants me to believe that Miranda would give all that up because she is worried about her ovary would give up someday when she is ready for a family! Hello?! Anybody home? It simply doesn’t add up. Now come to think of it, when is the last time we have been allowed to see any main character goes for an abortion on main stream media? Friends? E.R.? Murphey Brown? No one has had a baby in Ally McBeal yet, has it or maybe i just missed it?

Depressing. 🙁

On the surfing front:
Due to the Jayson Blair scandal, New York Times’ executive editor, Howel Raines, and Gerald M. Boyd, the paper’s managing editor both resigned last week. Here is a profile ran by The New Yorker last June: The Howell Doctrine: It is a short biography of Raines, his career in the news paper world, his management style at New York Times. In between, we are also offered glimpse of the inner working of New York Times newsroom and the empire itself. The relationships among its editors and its owner/publisher. Informative and interesting read.

5 thoughts on ““What Liberal Media?”

  1. Hi,

    Why do the following character traits disqualify Miranda from having a baby now?

    o strong personality
    o witty
    o single woman

    The only thing that’s a real showstopper is

    o fiercely independent

    Is she really fiercely independent?

  2. Like she said herself. It is not in her plans. She knows what she wants, she couldn’t even stand having Steve moving in with her because he disrupted her scheduled life. We’ve also seen how she trained her cleaning lady to stay out of her business.

    It made me furious that the show trys to make Miranda into someone who thinks without motherhood her life is not complete. I think that is bullshit. She has always been decisive and precious. This decision is one that she made with the least logic and Mirandaness. I don’t buy it, that is all.

    You can decide for “your” Miranda however you wanted. For the Miranda i saw through out the show, she won’t do such a thing to please the conservatives.

  3. Do characters from tv shows produced in relatively liberal societies outside of the US have abortions?

    Wasn’t there a girl in Degrassi High who had an abortion?


    Not sure if she actually had it but the web page says:

    “A two-part Degrassi High episode concerning abortion, for example, was truncated by PBS for American audiences.”

    Looks like you’re right Jean.

  4. Urgh! “American audiences.”
    I think we need a special edition of all media for “Californian audiences” instead. :))

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