The Perfect Weekend

The rain that forecaster has been threatening us with the entire weekend didn¡¯t arrive till late Sunday evening. Rain drops fell gently out of a clear night sky, as we pulled out of mom¡¯s driveway last night. This morning as I walked across the office parking lot, which was wet from the overnight rain, I smelled Spring in the air. What a wonderful way to start a Monday, the last Monday of the year of Monkey!

That made the past weekend the last weekend of the year of the Monkey. It also happened to be the Super Bowl weekend. In anticipating the intense couch-potato activities all the football fans would be engaging, we were determined to exploit this opportunity by having an action-packed weekend.

How wonderful it was that the weather was lovely!

We went hiking in Sam McDonald Park, tasted artichoke soup at Pescadero, caught the last pink glow of sunset at Pescadero beach, checked out Stanford Museum for some Chinese and Western art, admired Rodin sculpture at the museum garden, shopped at IKEA, visited Mom, Nappy and Anita, and had a family dinner.

Here are some photos from the first half of the weekend: Hiking Sam McDonald Park and Visiting Pescadero.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekend

  1. Happy New Year to Jean, Mi, Alice and your gardening gulu mom.

    Like to make more wishes, but think everything already seems so perfect in your life. Anyway,
    All your dreams come true in 2005.


    Jean’s Reply:
    Thank you, JoyMocha!
    Happy New Year to you, too. I just have to remember what the Burmese monk told me in the redwood forest, “When you are happy, acknowledge it, enjoy it, but don’t be greedy, and hope for more.”
  2. The Buddhist monk in the redwood forest 🙂 They must be a rare breed.

    If I didn’t know he was real and heard him say those things I’d wonder if he was as real as the 10 foot tall green bunny rabbit that I talk to when I need to work things out 🙂

    Jean’s Reply:
    haha! “The Buddhist monk in the redwood forest “, that does sound like a fairytale, doesn’t it? 🙂 How cool we were there….

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