Bits of Laughter

Iron gray sky leaden with heavy clouds, depressing as if the prelude of the darkest tragedy to come. If I hadn¡¯t been living in the Bay Area for so long, I would say it was threatening to snow. Alas, let¡¯s talk of happier thoughts under this darkening sky.

November¡¯s election has long past, but on the streets of San Francisco, I am still seeing cars passing by with bumper stickers cheering for Kerry or condemning Bush. Most of them just made me cringe. A reminder of the unhappy reality. The other morning as I was getting on the highway entrance, the bumper sticker on the little car in front of me made me laugh. It reads:

Frodo Failed!
Bush Got the Ring!

That reminded me of a little British program I heard on the radio. It was some kind of wordsmith talk show, where people demonstrating their cleverness with English phrases. Or making fun of people who were not so clever with words.

The other day I was in the supermarket, picked up a box of orange juice. It says right on the box ¡°Open Here¡±. I thought, ¡°Certainly not! I¡¯m going to take you to my kitchen and open you there!¡±

One day I was walking on the street and there was a huge banner in this shop window, which reads, ¡°Sale Last Week!¡± I stood there dumbfounded, couldn¡¯t figure out why they would be advertising a sale that happened in the past.

Then of course, there is the book commercial that reads ¡°Top ten ways to cook Chinese.¡±