Strawberry Morning

Strawberry season is here. I¡¯ve been tempted ever since I saw the huge box of them at COSTCO a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that half of them would go bad before Mi and I could finish them. I didn¡¯t buy it. Saturday at the supermarket, I couldn¡¯t resist any more and brought home a 16 oz box.

Thus came a strawberry morning to our little breakfast table. Strawberry pancake and strawberry with whipped cream. Yummy. The festive looking color brightened a morning with sun and clouds. The rain had ceased, temporarily.

Ever since Gui introduced me to the giant bag of pancake mixture sold at Costco, I¡¯ve been trying all kinds of fruits we had in a pancake. The experiments include:
– Banana and walnuts, good
– Banana and shredded coconut, yummy!
– Mango and shredded coconut. Not as spectacular as I had imagined. All mango flavor were lost in the pancake. 🙁
– Pear and shredded coconut, the flavor of pear was wonderful! But the fragrance of coconut is not as pronounced as with banana.
– Strawberry, lovely. Because the slightly sore taste of a strawberry, the pancake goes really well with some whipped cream.

Baked some cookies on Sunday afternoon. It was the kind that everyone¡ªMom, Gui, and Mi¡ªseems to like the best among all my baking experimentations. In the cookie book, it is called ¡°Mexican Almond Cookie¡±. I¡¯ve been making it with some of my alterations, with Walnut instead of Almond, and not as sweet. Here is my recipe.

Mexican Almond Cookie without Almond

– all purpose flour 1 cup
– confection sugar ¾ cup (original recipe calls for 1 and ½ cup)
– chopped walnut ¾ cup (original recipe calls for ½ cup of finely chopped almond)
– one pinch of salt
-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
-4 oz butter, diced at room temperature (I usually put a little more butter, make it 5 oz)
-pine nuts around ¼ cup depends on personal preference
-cookie cutter that is approx. the size of a drink bottle cap
(Original recipe also calls for more confection sugar for dusting after the cookie has been cooked. But I skipped that)

1. preheat the oven at 350F
2. mix flour, sugar, salt with a fork, then mix in the walnuts, and vanilla extract
3. use your hand to work diced butter into the flour mixture, until you get a ball shaped, well mixed dough.
4. The recipe then asked you to roll the dough into a thin layer, roughly ¼ inch thick, and started cutting it into round cookie shape. I found it better to make it into a small round cookie rather than a large one. Because the cookie came out to be very brittle, with a big cookie, you get cookie crumbs everywhere. So I made them into bite sized. Also, I found it easier to follow mom¡¯s example of making dumpling skins. First to divide the dough into roughly 3 or 4 portions, roll each into a thin cylindrical shape, with the diameter of 1 inch, then slice the cylinder into ¼ inch pieces, and place each piece onto the cookie sheet.
5. press pine nuts onto the little cookies sat on the cookie sheet. I usually press in one or two nuts per cookie depends on the size. The goal is not to break up the cookie. This step is absolutely optional. Mi is obsessed with pine nuts. So all my cookies have them. 🙂
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or till it browned. Mi liked it a little over cooked so it is more crispy. Usually it is done when you could smell the lovely cookie smell. 🙂
7. Take it out of the oven and let it cool down. Otherwise it is too soft to handle.

One thought on “Strawberry Morning

  1. Hi Jean, where are the strawberries from? When I was at costco a couple of weeks ago (or was it a week ago), the strawberries were from Chile. For me strawberry season is late June and early July when strawberries are ready back home and you can go to pick your own places. On my internal calendar March is the time when the maple sap is running and you can make maple syrup. But of course things are different in California since Gui has had outdoor flowers blooming since January.

    Jean’s Reply:
    I think those strawberries were from California.

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