Red-Black Tree

After all these years since i escaped from the stuffiness of college life, I couldn’t believe myself tonight when i read up, entirely voluntarily, red-black tree! What is wrong with me?! More importantly, who in his right mind would think up such a bizarre and academic creature: red-black tree?!

As I read through the five convoluted looking rules that govern the very existence of an authentic red-black tree, I became ever more stunned.

1. A node is either red or black.
2. The root is black.
3. All leaves are black.
4. Both children of each red node are black.
5. The paths from each leaf up to the root contain the same number of black nodes.

I thought I had been invovled in solving real-life problems for the last ten years. And not once had the need arose for me to lookup red-black tree. Bubble sort, yes; quicksort, yes; heapsort, occasionaly; but never red-black search trees. Then what good is it, other than for some pure amusement reasons those academic types could ponder over it during their cocktail hours, if they actually have cocktail hours?

I know I��m sounding cynical and judgmental. But I can’t help it. Red-black tree!