“Did You Ever Eat Tasty Wheat?”

Came across an article this morning: “Did You Ever Eat Tasty Wheat?”: Baudrillard and The Matrix.

Be forewarned, it is long! I’m only half way through. But while i was wading my way through all the unfamiliar concepts such as Baudrillard’s simulacrum, Plato’s cave, Descartes’ epistemological certainty, blah blah blah; a thought suddenly popped to my head. Whatever Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are trying to do, it is not very democratic, is it? If like Morpheus said many people who live in the Matrix don’t want to be unplugged, then what right do they have to “liberate” them?

2 thoughts on ““Did You Ever Eat Tasty Wheat?”

  1. Great article.

    I find it entertaining how people like this can go on about this stuff and not mention the greatest virtual reality show(s) on earth – the blockbuster playing 24×7 inside our heads.

    “… the mind evolved to select a few signals and then dream up a semblance … [we] produce a rough-and-ready reality.”
    — Robert Ornstein, The Evolution of Conciousness

    We are equipped with wetware that was sufficient in the past for producing viable offspring. Our wetware allows a range of perceptions, thoughts, and emotions most of which have a nodding acquaintance with ‘reality’. They are to reality as twinkies are to cake.

    We live in a dream world and the greatest part is that evolution has selected for minds that reject this notion (or at least some people believe so).

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I gave up half way.
    If you are interested in the dream world, try reading some Jorge Luis Borges, he is obsessed with it. Good writer, too. But he was never married, no children. 🙁 guess your evolution statement is right on!

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