Traveling as a Foreigner

Eric Meyer is considered the guru on CSS programming. His website contains the most advanced and the coolest usage of CSS. Last night, however, I read his travel journal of his honeymoon in China(1998). He went to see the Three Gorges before it was submerged under the dam.
Across the Middle Kingdom.

Seeing China through a foreigner’s eyes was an interesting and alarming experience. It was like looking through a very thick fog. All the disjoined pieces and impressions that formed “China” in Eric’s mind. I suddenly realized that this was probably how I learned of Spain, France, and Ecuador? Places where I went and didn’t speak a word of the native language, places where I went as a tourist. I’ve realized how limited my experience must have been and how constrained. Just like how Eric had seen China.

One thing that was communicated fully was the natural beauty of the Three Gorges. It is a shame that I would never see it with my own eyes. Reading his account made me think of the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring, when their boat passed the gigantic statues that guarded the river to Gondor…

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