A Bird Nest

Mom found this little beauty lying on the grass Saturday morning, under the magnolia tree, no eggs inside. Pay attention to the lining. Can you tell what it was made of?

Dog hair! That’s right! It is homemade by our German Shepherd, Nappy. 🙂 Mom has told me earlier last week that she noticed some of the birds were picking out Nappy’s hair from our back patio floor. “They were holding the threads of hair in their beaks by the middle, so they were flying up and down looking like birds with mustache.” The birds did an incredible job to wave the dog hair together. I asked mom whether we should try to put it back up the tree. Mom said the birds won’t take it anymore since we humans have contaminated it. 🙁

3 thoughts on “A Bird Nest

  1. Yeeee…. elaborate nest! Exquisite structure! Why don’t we have a chair like this. Ít would be so cosy to plunge into such a chair… and should be put on the branches… what a great view from the top of trees.
    Poor birds, they have to give the nest up after so much labor..Perhaps we shall have a try to put it back, birds maybe resume it if they know U R Kind…

  2. The tree branches spread far apart. Even if we put it back, it will fall down again.

    A lesson for the little fellow: next time, he should look for a better foundation, first. 🙂

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