My Two Dark Princes

I have two black cats. They are twin brothers and they wear identical tuxedo coats. When they were little, the only way to tell them apart was Paris’ white chin. As they grew into their adult selves, they adopted markedly different “personalities”(shall we call it catsonalities instead?) as well as body forms. Mars is relaxed and fat, Paris is neurotic and relatively thin.

At night when the house is all quiet and I’m typing away on my laptop, Paris always keeps me company, sleeping in the papasan chair adjacent to me. Sometimes Mars will join him. Whenever I turn off my computer, no matter how quiet I am, Paris always wakes up in a start and stretches out his white paw for me to pat, Mars will yawn and turn up his white belly asking for one last scratch.

In their typical cats¡¯ offhand-ish ways, they never follow me into my bedroom. Oh, no. That¡¯s way too sappy for their tastes. Sometimes in the night, Mars settles on my blanket. Every morning I wake up and find him sleeping soundly by my feet. We never figure out where Paris spends his night. He is rather mysterious that way. I think he rather enjoys keeping us in suspense.

A few more recent pictures of the cats.

One thought on “My Two Dark Princes

  1. I like the pictures with story of these two days. Interesting. Two black cats, Duke Cat. The first photo is nice. but the second is too dark, hard to figure out what is what.
    Heard that dog is very amiable, he will obey the rules you set, do as you expect. But cat is very proud, willful, live in their own way and never take the rules too serious. So cat spirit is the characteristic of Scarlett.

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