Why does M$ Decide to Kill IE Now?

A good article from Jeffrey Zeldman’s Daily Report:
Conspiracy theory

¡°It took [Bill Gates] ten years to erase the web as a threat. It¡¯s done now. He owns it, it¡¯s in the trunk (I know you don¡¯t like to hear this), it¡¯s locked, and they¡¯re driving it off a cliff into the ocean.¡±

6 thoughts on “Why does M$ Decide to Kill IE Now?

  1. I just cant catch the idea. MS will replace IE with some XBox function in their later version, will they? To force customer keep updating windows?

  2. Luan Kan, i think it shows M$’s arrogance. They had been good at updating and refining IE in the past few years because they need to compete with Netscape. Now they think they own it, more and more people use IE only. Netscape is no longer a threat, so what do they do? They wash their hands off IE and say to the customers, this is what you get, and you won’t get anything better for 3 more years because we don’t care, because we know you are trapped.

    That’s why monopoly is bad. Competition is good. 🙂 Good thing there are Opera, Safari, and Mozilla. Problem is people will have to program their applications to work with both the OLD IE and all the newer and better browsers… 🙁 It is going to be messy.

  3. Competition can be good yes but what about liberty?

    Microsoft illegally damaged their competition so this is not a good example.

    But if someone legally, fairly, and squarely dominates the market for a product or service then should the government go in a try to create competition where no significan competition exists? Isn’t this a form of socialism.

    Why not let the ‘free’ market decide which products should have one producer and which should have multiple producers?

  4. The catch is, is it possible for any company who grows into the size and capacity of Microsoft, and then not to do what Microsoft has done?

    Is that possible? Just look at Oracle!

  5. Interesting topic.
    PeopleSoft argued that Oracle is doing ‘dirty thing’ when they try to get JDE. Competition is very cruel.

    MS always use the same strategy. In streaming media area, MS offers the free media server while Real charges a lot for that. I like Real just as quite a lot people like netscape. It seems that Real wont get any good ending in the same way.
    We like such innovator because they are creative. And the spirit of challenging the very big number one.
    But MS is respectful in other way. Last year I worked on DirectShow. When I talked about Real, my colleague, the MS fan just told me, Real is founded by people left MS. They proposed such direction, but MS didnt take it serious. Then they got out of MS and worked out their own bussiness.
    That’s true. You can see from the Real SDK the hint of COM idea. Only difference is that it’s platform independent.
    But later when MS went into the streaming area, their DirectShow is very nice technology. And it’s very open (of course for windows platform), you can get it very easy without big payment. Real, on the other hand, is quite closed. That’s their core tech, the only way to get revenue. You just cant get enough info if you are not registered partner. MS just has so much money to crash other down. At the same time itself is excellent.
    But if seperate MS by government action, it seems will be a disaster for end user.

  6. Hi Luan Kan, I think you have tapped into the hottest topic of the day in silicon valley. 🙂

    PeopleSoft’s CEO Craig A. Conway used to work for Larry E.. Craig left to started his own company, and it became a big rival in Enterprise App space for Oracle. So now Oracle just wants to buy off PeopleSoft and kill it completely. Oracle has no intention of continuing PeopleSoft’s product or supporting current PeopleSoft’s customers.

    Back to Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft has done some excellent work in their product lines due to two main reasons (IMHO): 1) they have the money and brand to attract some very smart engineers and innovators 2) their competition forced them to be better.

    Would breaking up Microsoft really that bad? The government has broken up the Bell companies in the Telecome space before. Was it really that bad? Maybe it is. I just don’t know.

    What really scared me by Microsoft’s IE move is that once the competition is killed, there is no reason to continue with their innovation or excellence in product. Without Real, I don’t think Microsoft will give customer open accesses. Why should they? They might as well charge a big fee whenever they can, right?

    The competition forces Microsoft to be good.

    All these bad behaviors of big corporations seem to happen at the same time, which is NOW. I would guess it must have something to do with the current Administration, the Republican doninated House AND Senate…

    The dark ages. :((((

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