2 thoughts on ““Commitment Pill”

  1. This was a pretty cool article that emphasized the biological nature of our behavior. Whether we cheat, are faithful, love, hate, etc. these are all only possible because we are biologically capable of these. There is no soul or spirit separate from the body that says ‘cheat’ or ‘be faithful’. There are simply cells, chemicals, organs.

    If cheating in voles can be eliminated by such a small change (with hopefully no bad side effects), then by similarly modifying one gene in humans could war be eliminated? I know some people who think there is a human over-population problem advocate contagious infertility. What about contagious peace?

    In the wrong hands, a ‘bad’ person might introduce contagious war. Imagine xiao Bush releasing some contagious anger inducing virus to get a little more support for invading Iran?
    >>>>>Jean’s Reply
    mfd, you missed this: “The vole model, however, offers no possibility of a pill that would stop men from having affairs outside a marriage or relationship.”
    Sounds like the the vole model doesn’t eliminate cheating, it just makes the male vole wants to sign his name on a marriage certificate! 🙂

  2. Maybe there should be a pill that would make people like me read articles thoroughly before spouting off 🙂

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