Someone Dear is Far Away

my heart hangs in the air
pulled by a silky string from afar
  knowing he is alone out there,
dissappearing into the mountains,
  into the crowd of colorful natives,
a long distance bus stop in the middle of town,
  took him away this morning.

The vast landscape surrounds him,
   will he feel amazed?
   will he be happy?
   will he be in his elements, finally?

This worry, continues to nag me.
   Will he be hungry?
   Will his feet hurt?
   Will he catch a cold in the rain?
   Will he get sick?
I worry.

A sense of helplessness
A sense of surrendering
let fate run its course

He dissappeared into the thick fog others call fate,
   or the land of strangers,
   or the unknown,
   or a long journey

I am waiting anxiously on the other side,
  waiting for his emergence,
  with a beaming smile,
  dusty shoes,
  scratchy face,
  many tales,
  images captured on films,
  stories entered his life, without me.

Suddenly I understand those dark nights that my mother must have endured,
  waking up in the quietness of the night,
  wondering where I was alone out there,
  in Europeean cities, in the Rockies, in Amazon Jungles,
  up in the mountains, down in the sea

So this is how it is,
When someone dear is away
and their voice, the only key
to unlock my worried heart,
to unlock me