Gui’s New Paintings

They are gorgeous! 🙂
Her painting skill has definitely matured. My favorite is Emily. That look on her face was so vivid. I love the style of her brush stroke as well. Still lives are lyrical, and ocean scapes are voluptuous. What’s more, there is a definite individual style that has started emerge. That particular style stringed these paintings together, made the whole look even more stunning than each painting on its own.

I do hope that she would continue to paint more on her own. Especially Portraits! 🙂

You may also want to go and read her own words regarding how she painted this series.
Painting Again

2 thoughts on “Gui’s New Paintings

  1. My favorate: Emily. Though Gui seems to prefer thin paint, I do like her two beach paintings which are thick and brilliant.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Thank you, JoyMocha. I’ll forward on your words to Gui… 🙂

  2. Thanks! I feel very flattered (and encouraged). 🙂

    Jean’s Reply:
    You are very welcome! Keep up the good painting! 😀

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