Closure of Wessex Bookstore

I have always been fond of used bookstores. They are a little like animal shelters. Lovely creatures waiting for their next home and their next owner. When you opened a new book, you smell the “newest”, the innocence, and the cleanness. When you open a used book, you smell the “dust”, the past, the sunset it might had been bathed in, the small or old hands that had held it close and read till early morning. I had always loved finding writings or notes in a used book, as if I was suddenly allowed to peep into someone else’s life for a brief moment. It was a kind of mild thrill of a minor adventure or mystery.

While in school, I liked Shakespeare Co. on Telegraph Ave. Now living in San Francisco, The Green Apple on Clement has become my favorite hangout.

autumnleaf had recommended Wessex in Menlo Park to me as early as last May. I didn’t make it there till dotann took us there earlier this year. I fell in love with its lovely courtyard in between the two sections, with its shady bamboo bush and wooden swing chairs. The books were well organized and the store felt clean and intimate. I didn’t even get to take a picture. Thinking to myself then, I would come back for sure, there would be plenty opportunities for photo.

Today when I tried to forward Wessex’ information to a new friend, I came across this article, which claimed that Wessex would be closed on or before May 15th, 2005!!!!

No more Wessex.

For so long, I had gotten used to the idea that bookstores, especially good used bookstores never seemed to disappear. They seemed to have merged into the landscape, as ancient as some of its collections, as uninterested to change as those quiet cats sleeping on stack of books.

How wrong I have been.

One thought on “Closure of Wessex Bookstore

  1. Sigh, the local and independent stores are the first to go, I realized that when my favourite 2nd-hand cd store closed several years ago, the owner told us it was more profitable to sell stuff through ebay in the comfort of his own home. 🙁

    Jean’s Reply:
    🙁 I do appreciate the enjoyment of finding a nicely designed webpage on-line. But how could that ever replace the loveliness of finding oneself standing in a small green courtyard that has bamboos and comfy swings?!!!! :((((

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