A Small Piece of Sunlight

Every afternoon, starting around 3 or 4pm, a small piece of sunlight will magically appear on the carpet next to my chair. Often when I come back to my desk, I would notice this little rectangular light on the dark colored carpet. At the very beginning, I often mistook it for a piece of paper, cuz it was so much lighter than the rest of the floor.

Little things like this always make me happy.

Even though, there are really so much more delight in everyday life, the warm sunshine, the dark green mountains surrounded our campus, the shiny building, cheerful crowd milling around me at work, the optimistic air is everywhere.

But I treasure this little piece of sunlight the most. Because it is mine, and mine alone. I noticed it, I love it.

Maybe that is what made weblog such a phenomenon. Our lives are commoditized so much that any individualistic observations delight our hearts.

3 thoughts on “A Small Piece of Sunlight

  1. Your writing delights my heart. 🙂
    Thank you

    Jean’s Reply:
    You are so very welcome! 🙂

  2. mine too mine too! 🙂

    Jean’s Reply:
    :)))))) Thank you Thank you Thank you very much!

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