Pride and Happiness

The Freakonomics Guys said, “not only were they all smart and inquisitive and friendly, but they were so damn happy“. I must admit I concur with them.

Before my interview, one of the positions my friend referred me to plainly said that people in that position will be required to carry a pager. I immediately turned that option down. No way! That would probably be the worst kind of job I would ever want.

After i started working here, I have worked with many who do carry a pager. None of them seemed miserable. All of them were excellent in their knowledge and willingness to help. The new hires here all would find a bunch of ballons floating about their desks on their first day. As time went by, the ballons eventually deflated slowly. Once i heard a guy said, “we gave our new hire a pager the moment their ballons hit the ground.” On shuttle stops when we wait for the bus, I would often run into people who were in the corporate section that’s responsible of the entire network. They were all so … proud. When they talked about things they had to resolve in the middle of the night, i never heard one hint of bitterness. Instead, they were beaming!

That, is impressive.

One thought on “Pride and Happiness

  1. Which company are you working for now? It sounds like a good choice you made. I changed job one month ago as well, the new place has the quality of which you described here too. :0)

    Jean’s Reply:
    uhm… who are you? Glad to know you have a good workplace to work in, too. 🙂

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