Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Gui and I talked about whether to see King Kong. We both agreed that we would probably go reluctantly, and it would purely because of Peter Jackson.

Even with that criteria, I still felt very unsure as i walked into the theatre with ZM last night. Yesterday morning one of his friends called and told him that she had enjoyed the movie. How was her taste like? I asked him, as we were ascending the stairs in the spacious Century 25 theatre. Pretty good! He tried to reassure me.

All that reluctance was so unnecessary.

I couldn’t believe how much i enjoyed the movie.

Peter Jackson has pushed computer animation to a brand new plateau, and he is still the master of story telling. He made me, someone who never cared for monsters and horror films, to care so much about this beast called King Kong. I was crying a river, too.

Peter Jackson knows how to show us what he loves and why. Watching it made me understand why he loved this story. Watching it made me love it as well.

Isn’t that what creativity is for? To share what you feel with the audience? And to hopefully help them to see through your eyes and to feel the same way as you do?

King Kong climbed up Empire State Building to show Ann the beauty of a sunrise. He died for it. Peter Jackson made this movie to show us the beauty of King Kong, Lucky for him, he didn’t have to die for it. Lucky for us, too. Can’t wait to see the next “Sunrise” that he would chose to show us.