A Winter Morning in SF

[Saturday Morning]

I was waken up by a crashing thunder sounded as if landed right above our building. Our large bedroom window looked, for once, dark. The alarm clock indicated 10:13am.

I jumped out of bed. Thunder! A rarity in SF Bay Area. Walking onto our little balcony, the little glass enclosed space felt moist and warm. Reminded me of a tropical forest. Looking out from the forth story of our building atop a hill, i could only see tips of trees shook violently in the wind. I started seeing barely visible lighting, nothing like those dramatic zigzag across the entire sky spectacle in Arizona, just a flash of light in the ambient. Then five seconds later, thunder roared. Then sheet of water splashed against the glassed wall of the balcony like ocean waves against shore, The building started whistling in the gushing wind, a different tune of the whistle i remembered from Beijing’s winter, sounded less angry, more afraid.

soon, rain were blew in from the mashed wire net sat between the balcony’s ceiling and the glass wall. The ceiling and door frame started dripping. It felt more and more like a forest.

I was happy. So were my plants.