Hatless in Beijing

I lost my favorit hat today. First day working in Beijing.

It has been with me since 2000. I bought it from a small hat shop in downtown Santa Cruz. It has earned me many praises cuz it fit me so well. It has kept me warm (and stylish) in many cold winter days/nights in SF, New York, and Beijing. Yeah i was wearing it during the last few days in Beijing and feeling very special cuz i see most girls here don’t wear hats.

I thought i dropped it in our building lobby or in the elevator, but after going up and down the building a few times, i decided that maybe i dropped it on the crowded subway.

Why did i bother to take the subway instead of taking a cab, i had no idea.

Now i want to get back to the bayarea, drive down to Santa Cruz, find that hat store and buy half a dozen my favorit hats, provide they still carry it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

While I sat on the 15th floor office, overlooking the Chang An Avenue, moaning over my lost hat; i heard a sound that i have been missing so much over the past 15 years. The wind whistling in between tall buildings. It sounded absolutely horrible. But i loved it so much that i turned to my co-worker sitting next to me, “This is the sound I missed the most since i left Beijing!” He rolled his eyes, “I wish I could just miss it instead of hearing it.”

But when we hear such sound, we are usually inside, warm and content. We weren’t suffering. On the contrary, the horrid outside, ehnanced by the wuthering wind, could only makes one treasure the warmth and coziness we have while sitting indoors.

Beijing’s winter.

One thought on “Hatless in Beijing

  1. What? You are working in Beijing? Is this permanent? Send me an email if not convenient to discuss here.

    Your sentiment for wind is like my feeling on the smell when I first got in Beijing this winter, which I documented in my blog. It’s amazing.

    Jean’s Reply:
    nop. Just a business trip. A couple of weeks only. It is freezing cold now. I don’t care that much about the wind anymore. I just want to stay warm and not go anywhere. 🙂

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