Being Anita

Anita is our second German Shepherd. Mom often comparing her to our previous German Shepherd, Nappy.

For Nappy, inside the house is his rightful place. To be left in the garage and backyard was considered a punishment.” Mom told me. Mom always wondered what Nappy did during the day when she was away at work. She came home early once and tiptoed inside the house, looked out her bedroom window and saw a very lack luster dog slumbering his way into the backyard to pee, then slowly walked back to the garage, head hang, paid no attention to anything around him, waiting for mom to come home. Nappy lived to see mom and to be inside the house. When mom is not home, he felt no energy or interests about anything. He literately spring back to life when he heard the first sound of mom’s car driving up the street. “Even his walk felt springy when he knew I’m home.”

“Anita was much happier to be out. She considered the garage and backyard her rightful place, and to be let in the house was a bonus.” Mom commented. “She enjoyed herself while being left in the backyard.” That was very true. I once saw Anita playing in the backyard all by herself. She was exuberant! Her happiness reminded me of a scene of Golim in the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie, where Golim was back in a cave, by a stream, he was catching a fish, singing loudly while slamming the fish with a rock. That was how happy Anita was outside.

When i told this little interesting contrast to Gui, she said, ‘So Anita is a much happier dog.”

That remark left me dumbfounded. It was very true. The two dogs life are roughly the same, we didn’t treat one different from another, they are spending the same amount of time indoors or outdoors. If anything, Nappy actually has been gotten a lot more attention and care than Anita has been. But Anita remains a far happier dog.

To be happy is to ask very little of life. The more you expect, the more you desire, the more likely you are to be left disappointed and miserable.

To be happy is to be like Anita. 🙂 Why do I start to sound like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”? urgh.