Summer Rain

The Bay Area’s weather has been completely hacked by something/someone this year.

During the weekend, we had summer rain.

Muggy Saturday, reminded me of summer days in Beijing when a big thunderstorm is in the making. Of course the mugginess was much milder in SF. But it felt great. A certain sense of anticipation, almost exciting.

Then came Sunday. Cloudy morning. In the early afternoon, i was doing chores in the house and suddenly heard someone turned on their faucet. I thought maybe my neighbor just got up and was taking a shower. But then i turned around and saw , it was RAIN, splashing against windows on our balcony, pouring, summer rain.

What is summer rain? It is soft, quiet, and warm. Like a love story in southern China. All tangled up, so gentle that you melt in it.

Gui lived 25 miles south of us. She called 20 minutes earlier and was telling me it has started raining there. “So quiet.” She said, “Even the ducks were quiet, just sat on the lake, in the rain, enjoying the shower.”

For a while i wanted to be one of the ducks.