People of the Andes

Zhou Mi just got back from his one week trip in Ecuador. 20 rolls of film, he said. He just started developing them yesterday.

“I learned 7 Spanish words!

Buenos dias (Good morning. To be frugal, I used it in the evening, too);
Gracias (Thank you. I also used it in the case of an apology);
uno, (one)
dos, (two. Five is one plus two plus two);
manana, (tomorrow. The day after tomorow is tomorrow’s tomorrow);
si, (yes. I used it whenever i didn’t understand);
agua, (water. Wine is the kind of water that makes you dizzy);

Armed with these seven magical words, he hired guide, made friends with the native people, traveled in the narrow moutaineous road to their homes, went from Quito to Cuenca. People of young and old, occupation ranged from farmer to artist to resturant owner, dressed in modern style and traditional poncho…

Guamote’s animal market on Thursday.

To see more, check out Zhou Mi Photography during the coming days. He would be posting more as he developes them in New York’s heat.

For those who can read Chinese, check out ÐÐÉ«. He is posting under the name Shishamo.

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