Here Comes the Tapas!

Two more cafes opened on campus this week. One of them is a tapas place! I was estatic when i learned that. Here is the description of the tapas cafe.

Pintxo – Pronounced PIN’-cho, which is a pinch “en Espanol”. Here you will find an adventurous concept as we tackle the tapas, small plate’s concept, and incorporate small portions from around the world. We of course will start with exploring the Catalonian region of Espana and will take you beyond heights ever experienced! Your taste buds are in for a ride…are you ready? One strategy recently discussed; come with a few of your friends, split up, skip the lines, grab a few different dishes and meet at your pre-determined table. Then, share your dishes “family style” and enjoy!

So the first day was Catalonian region, second day Corsica region, third day South and Southwest of France.

I managed to remember bringing my camera on the third day, so i can share with you some of those lovely sights in my tray:

Chilled Pepper Soup with Softshell Crab
The Basque country close to Spain flavors its food with spicy Piment d’ espelette, which is used for this soup, with
A side of Parmesan Reggiano Crispy Soft Shell Crab,
Strauss Creamery Lemon Yogurt, Sumac,
Yellow Tomato Concasse, Basil infusion.
Loved the crab, not too sure about the soup though.

Cold Tapas
Fried Taro chips, couscous, sauteed green beans,
Foie Gras Pate,
Smoked Trout on a salad of fennel, Braeburn Green apples, and pistachio with preserved lemon yogurt.
The smoked trout was especially tasty.

Premium Gold Angus Beef Hangar Steak
Bordeaux Sauce with crispy shallots
Desert on the side:
Rose Water Marshmallows
Macerated Blackberries and Nectarine.
Steak was tender, and the sauce gave it a surprisingly fruity flavor. Every bite was a pleasant surprise. It was like a dry red wine managed to leave a fruity aftertaste in your mouth, entirely unexpected and very lovely.

Seared Tuna with Lemon Zest
toasted pinenuts, Yuzu Infused Oil.
Loved this one, the crest on the edge of the tuna is SPICY, Yum!

Petaluma Farms Chicken Truffle Mousse Canneloni
Trumphet Mushroom Beurre Blanc
Even though this plate looked less attractive than the rest, I was very glad i didn’t pass it off. The mushroom sauce was rich and delicious, and the chicken mousse combined with the canneloni flour wrap provided an enjoyable, almost cake like texture.

Ah, what a satisfying meal! It looked like a piece of art, too!

See larger photos here.