People of the Andes (Cont’d)

Zhou Mi are posting new pictures on a daily basis. This (In the fog) is my absolutely favorite so far. He described to me on the phone before I actually saw it, “A mountain road, foggy, two small children happened to be in front of the fog, they were walking hand in hand. It was very clean. Peaceful.” In my mind i thought the back of two kids walking away towards the fog.

When I saw the picture, i fell in love immediately. Not only they were walking toward us (i should’ve known! When did he ever take picture of people’s back? duh!), but their body languages were so vivid, and at the same time so vastly different from each other. The little boy, with a grin on his face, was pushing the girl forward(toward Mi, we would assume, a stranger with a magic black box in his hand, wearing a foreign looking backpack). He was full of mischief and a hint of daring and courage. The little girl, on the other hand, was struggling with a shyness that was almost as thick as the fog behind them. Her right arm swayed backward, her left arm was as if fighting to remain by her side. She looked a little off balanced. Her legs were taking rigid steps forward, as if paralyzed by her shyness. Her face was hiding under the ubiquitous wool hat. We couldn’t see her expression verywell. But it was perfect, because we know she was hiding. Her whole being wanted to hide, yet at the same time her curiousity wanted to sneak a peak at this oriental looking stranger herself, too!
There was an air of camaraderie surrounded them. Kindness and intimacy.

The deserted mountain road, the little house in the fog, even the person on the bike that formed a silhouette, set up the most perfect back stage. For these two little persons to walk toward us…

I dont’ know if there are words perfect enough to describe this perfect moment, this perfect picture. Mi stole a jewel from God’s favorite creations. For this image, we are in debt to him.

3 thoughts on “People of the Andes (Cont’d)

  1. I love this pic, too.
    Jean, can we view a bigger version so that we can see the vivid details as you described?

  2. Click on the picture in this blog, should bring you to the original discussion at the bbs. It is as large as i’ve seen. Would’ve been nice to see a real picture enlarged! 😀

  3. A very nice pic. I love it too. I remember I had such feelings of in the fog – amazing, free, mystic, safe and also a bit afraid and worry – when I was a child. But now, I cant find these feelings any more, perhaps I’m dull or perhaps we have no more fog here. Good picture, good figures in this picture…

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