In Retrospective

Reading all my journals starting from college years. I’m now somewhere in 1998. Came across a quote i noted down after reading “The Heart of the Matter” by Graham Greene.

…the rare occasion when one takes such interests in a stranger’s life. The youth often mistaken it for ‘love.'”

What makes it ironic is that when i noted this done, i was doing just that, “mistaken my own sudden interests in an almost stranger’s life for ‘love.'” How blind could I be? And Why did I note it down and then promptly ignore it?

It was like the rational side of me screamed out, “read this! You are making a mistake!” The irrational part of me took one look at it and kept on walking down its merry way. Unfortunately the irrational part seemed to be winning for the most parts.

But I eventually landed on my feet. Oh Well. Youth must do what youth must do. 🙂