What is BGP?

Geek Alert.

When I was in my first job, I worked with a bunch of networking nuts. This is the real network that wires computers together, not those virtual ones where you go look for a date. I was more into software and web dev than networking, but they tolerated me and let me tag along. One of them, R, a well-respected mgr, once had a chat with me and said that most of the areas in today’s tech world are somehow connected. All you need is to know one area really well, then you pretty much can branch out anywhere, and won’t have much trouble understanding them quickly. He himself started with networking the OSI seven layers, and haven’t had any trouble since.

I remembered that. Now I think i started to feel the benefit finally.

Was talking to one of the network guys at my current company the other day, and he mentioned “BGP”. I had to stop him in mid-sentence to ask, “What is BGP?” He was a little shocked at my ignorance, “Border Gateway Protocol, it is how we announce our route to the rest of the net.” “Ah! I see.” The truth is I did understand. But i don’t think he believed me.

I later looked it up on Google anyway just to confirm what i think i understood was correct. Border Gateway Protocol. Then i found something else that’s interesting. There is a firefox plugin, called Blogger Web Comments for Firefox. Every page you go to, on the lower right corner you will see a little icon indicating whether any blogger has commented on this page. I haven’t been using it much, but today i got curious. Which kind of geek will comment on “BGP”?

There turned out to be a lot of them. One of them is particularly intersting. It’s title is “Geek’s Secret Life”,

In this article, he said, “…My personal opinion is of course that it’s too difficult for H. (who probably doesn’t even know what bgp is or stands for).” heehee. I’m glad at least now I’m slightly more geeky than this H.