Stranger Than Fiction

The appearance of this trailer has been so frequent, on TV, and in movie theatre, that I’m completely desensitized by the time this movie actually came out.

But Gui really wanted to see it, over Borat. So we went and i liked it. 🙂 It just shows the importance of having friends who are wiser than you.

Luckily, there are enough little cute filming techniques and details in the movie that were NOT shown in the trailer to keep me interested. The acting of both Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson are excellent. Will’s Harold Crick, the IRS agent lives in solitude, is so understated, and yet even more funny than his usual over-the-top type of roles. Emma’s Kay Eiffel, the crazy and gifted author, is superb that (in Gui’s words) “you forget it is Emma Thompson the moment you lay eyes on her.” She is able to act out all the little quirky ways unique of an author, the things you would never imagined an author will do for a book, but when you see it acted out by Emma, you’d think, yeah, that rings true. That’s exactly how an author would act/thing/imagine/react. Dustin Hoffman did a good job, too. Although obviously pales under comparison, when standing along side Emma Thompson.

It is a fun little movie. A perfect date movie, with intelligence, for once. 🙂