Harry Potter and Nemo

I’ve been sleep walking this week, and it is all JK Rowling’s fault. Needless to say, I’ve gotten hold of a copy of her new Harry Potter bookHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is good. So good that I had to read it into early morning everyday since Saturday. Couldn’t put it down. Vivid imagination, intriguing plot, realistic portraits of various new characters, and oh so funny, too! She is a talented story teller. I wonder how many years we have to wait for her next book??? I’m not too eager yet, still have three or four chapters left and I’m torn. On one hand, i want to know what happened next? On the other hand, I don’t want it to end so soon! 🙁 Life is hard.

Just imagine, I was contemptuous nearly three years ago when Harry Potter just became popular. I thought it was for kids, couldn’t possibly be THAT good, could it? Then the first movie was out, and out of all people, my mom told me she wanted to see it! I was thoroughly amazed at the power of popular culture. So i went to the movie with mom, loved it! I spent the next month or so in the land of sleep deprivation, reading all four books of Harry Potter in a row. What a feast! I’m a fan ever since.

Talking about the power of media, my co-worker Jennie told me a funny quote from this morning’s “Alice and NoName” radio show:

[they were talking about a bear attack, and someone mentioned the well-known method of how one should lie down and pretend to be dead when a bear comes charging…]
“We probably shouldn’t be telling this on the radio if we don’t know how affective it is, should we? I mean, people could’ve died or hurt because of it.”
“Yeah, as if we are the only media that is broadcasting untrustworthy information. Apparently after watching Finding Nemo, kids start to flush gold fish down the toilet to free them.”
“Not just gold fish, report says, dogs, cats, and even a talking parrot…”

Hmm, maybe i should go back and listen to “Alice and NoNames” occasionally. 🙂

Last but not the least, a review on Harry Potter (5) from Guardian Unlimited (UK): under her spell

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and Nemo

  1. Yeah, Harry Potter!
    Book is more interesting than movie. Because the movie is shaddowed down by Lord of Ring somehow.
    I’ve got the e-copy,very excited when receive such a email. Say, the book is just published…
    But FZ said she will buy the fifth book. Nice. I bought the last four. Now it’s her turn. Wait for so long to get the story moving on.

  2. haha, i’m luckier cuz my sis bought all five. 🙂

    The first movie is far better than the second one. I even consider the first movie better than the first book… Maybe it was because i watched the first movie before i read any of the books. So imaginative!

    Harry Potter is Pop-culture, while Lord of the Rings is classic. Both are good in their own ways. 🙂

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